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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association

Fields for specific ages

The only way to know for sure if the parks are closed is to call the Madison City Parks Rain­out Line (608)267‑8787.  The city will update the hotline by 2pm on weekdays and 8am on weekends.  If there is not a date or time on the recording, the parks are open for play.  This is only applicable for city parks.  Green space that is associated with MMSD is not subject to these closures however if Parks fields are closed, it is best to stay off these fields as well. 

Regent training sites

Madison Parks dpt is now requiring reservations within their system.  Regent SC is under contract with Madison Parks and will reserve the park for you.  Below are the parks in our region that are open for play.  All MMSD/Shorewood school green spaces are not subject to this contract and are open for use.

All teams are encouraged to use green spaces throughout Madison.  It is not necessary for teams to train with lines and goals.  Please share space as it is at a premium.  

Lucia Crest - Training site/Kinde matches.  

Rennenbohm - Training and match site.  U9/10 lined field and goals. u13/14 lined field with goals.

Odana Hills - Training site.  U11-14. Training grids and goals.

Vilas - Training/Match site. Kinde-u8 ONLY

Wingra- RESTING (updated 2/2018)

Goodman- Training/Match site.  u9/10 Goals and lined field.

Odana School-  Training site only u13/14.  Training grid and goals. 

Westmorland- RESTING (updated 3/2018)

Garner- Training/match site.  u11/12 goals and lined field


Match Play

There are dozens of fields through­out the Madi­son Area where games might be hosted. A com­plete list­ing of MAYSA Fields, direc­tions, and con­tact infor­ma­tion is on the MAYSA site.

Kinde-u10 play most of their matches at local parks- sites/maps will be on your schedule or click here for the parks dpt link.

u11 and older teams play in MAYSA (Madi­son Area) leagues. We host most of our home games at Red­dan Soc­cer Park.