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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association



The health and safety of players, families, coaches and club officials is of the utmost importance. We are in an ever changing environment and all timelines/play allowances are subject to change. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate our COVID-19 world. 

Helping control the spread of COVID-19 is the biggest team sport we will ever play. Regent will need cooperation from all members and staff to keep everyone safe. If the Regent believes there has been habitual breaking of or callous disregard for club COVID-19 protocols, the offender(s) will be asked to sit out of training and or matches until the issues can be rectified.

Currently, all sports activities taking place outside do not require masks. However, masks may be required for indoor activities. Anyone participating in indoor activities needs to be aware of and conform to the rules of the organization hosting such indoor activities.

All Regent participants should "self monitor"

As we head into Spring 2022, we are asking all of our families to “self monitor.”  This means that before attending any soccer event, you should ask the following questions: 

  • Does the player have any symptoms that might be covid-related? 
  • Has the player had any close contacts with a covid positive person in the last 3 days? 
  • Has the player had a positive covid test in the last 3 days?

If your player has a cold or cold-like symptoms please stay at home. Players should stay at home for at least 3 days after their symptoms have diminished. To help control the spread of COVID please take an antigen test when your child is having symptoms. This will help you know whether additional days of isolation will be necessary. If the test is positive, consult your physician for the best practice.

If your player has been in close contact with a covid positive person, please refer to the CDC guidelines linked on this page to determine if you need to quarantine.  If your player is vaccinated and not having any cold-like symptoms, the CDC does not require quarantine but they do recommend doing an antigen test after 5 days even if you don't have any symptoms. 

If a player is unable to attend a soccer event, please contact their coach as early as possible to inform them that they are unavailable. 

Resources relating to COVID

Here are some links to assist you in understanding the COVID-related rules involving sports and COVID  

Contact Regent Soccer Club

Have questions? Please fill out our CONTACT FORM to request assistance from Regent staff. 

When does a Player need to Quarantine or Isolate

Isolation - all persons who tested positive for COVID and persons who have symptoms associated with COVID must isolate to avoid the spread of COVID

Quarantine - persons who have been in close contact with someone who has COVID may need to quarantine in order to prevent the spread of COVID.  Whether you need to quarantine depends on vaccine status, symptoms etc. Please review the CDC guidelines (linked on this page) to determine if you need to quarantine.

Coaches and Managers - communicate with your team, opponent and the club, as needed

We are asking our coaches and managers to take an active role to ensure that your team has enough players to participate in a particular game or practice. If you determine that you do not have enough players for a game, it is the coach/manager's responsibility to contact the other team promptly. 

For those games with referees, it is also necessary to contact the League so that the referees are informed that a game needs to be canceled. In this event, please also inform the Club Contact Form.  

While we hope that we don’t have to cancel any games or practices, we want to emphasize that the health and welfare of our players is our #1 concern here. Please support this procedure and do your part to help our soccer teams and leagues run smoothly! 


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