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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association

Kindergarten Program details

Kinde Program Spring 2022

Please visit our COVID-19 page, to gain understanding of Regent SC policies and procedures as they relate to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, all details are subject to change.

 -- In-house local leagues - games are on the west side of Madison --

The Regent Kinde program (Spring 2022) is for players currently in kindergarten (4k/5k) and born in 2015 and 2016.

The Regent Kinde program is a Spring only program.  All teams at this age are co-ed and formed based on a player's birth year as well as friend/coach/school request (when possible).   While it is not always possible, it is a main objective to honor your requests.  

--Volunteer Coaches are Needed --

Adult volunteers play a vital part in Regent.  Our players need you to coach and manage their teams.  It is what allows us to keep our players playing and we couldn't do it without you! No soc­cer expe­ri­ence is nec­es­sary to volunteer, all it takes is a click on the 'volunteer' box on your players registration. As always, Regent is available to help and answer any questions you may have. We also send our coaches a weekly training plan for you to use. 

For more information on what it means to volunteer as a coach, please check out our Coaches/Managers page.

-- Cost --

The cost per player to play on a Regent Kinde soccer team is $76.30 which includes 

  • Registration with Regent and MAYSA
  • Uniform (blue and white jerseys) - for those registered on time
  • Soccer ball for each player
  • Team equipment

Kinde teams will participate in 5-6 training sessions/matches throughout the month of May. Training will precede the match and all contacts will be on either Saturday and/or Sunday. 

-- Registration Deadline --

Registration deadline is March 15 to guarantee your desired jersey size. Late registrants will be accepted as space allows and a late fee will apply. 

Kinde Registration

Registration for the Kinde program is now CLOSED

Please fill out the Regent Contact Form if you have any questions.

2022 Kinde Calendar

  • March 15: registration deadline to guarantee desired jersey size (late registrants accepted as space allows)
  • Early April: coaches/managers receive rosters and informational email.
  • April 14: coach/manager meeting/equipment pick up before the coaching clinic
  • April 14 6:30-8:00: FREE coaching clinic hosted by MAYSA at TOCA (Formerly Breakaway) in Fitchburg
  • Month of May:  Saturday/Sunday trainings and matches 


  • Field Size: 25-35 yds long x 15-25 yds wide
  • Goal Size: 4yds wide 
  • Ball Size: 3
  • # of players: 3v3 (no GK)
  • game time: 3X10 min PERIODS 
  • roster size: ~6
  • offsides: no
  • heading: no
  • Referee: volunteer coach used mainly to keep the game moving
  • Uniforms: home team is responsible to change when playing a team of the same color.  ex. If 2 Regent teams are playing each other the home team would change to white
  • Game Cancellations- please see our Policy and Procedures page for details


  Fall 2022-Spring 2023    
 Age Group           

 Game Format                           



(3v3) 2017  
7U (4v4) 2016
8U (4v4) 2015
9U (7v7) 2014
10U (7v7) 2013
11U (9v9) 2012
12U (9v9) 2011
13U (11v11) 2010
14U (11v11) 2009
15U (11v11) 2008
16U (11v11) 2007
17U (11v11) 2006
18U (11v11) 2005
19U (11v11) 2004