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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association


Volunteering with Regent!

Adult/Parent volunteers play a vital part in Regent In-House and Gold Programs.  Volunteers make it possible for our players to keep playing and we couldn't do it without you!

No soc­cer expe­ri­ence is nec­es­sary to volunteer, all it takes is a click on the 'volunteer' box during your players registration. 

As always, Regent is available to help and answer any questions you may have.

Coaching Requirements

All coaches are required to complete Risk Management training.

Please see the Coaching Resources page for more information and instructions.

Set Expectations !

Pre-season - It is a good practice to have team meeting or send a detailed email to your team in order to set out the team expectations - here are a few things you might want to go over: 

  • do you want a manager to help you?
  • set practice time/location
  • equipment - bring ball to practices, wear shin guards
  • communication - stress the importance of informing you beforehand if they're unavailable for an event. Check out TeamSnap app to help with team communication.
  • timeliness - arrive 15 min or more before games
  • snacks - ask parent to organize a snack schedule if desired
  • winter/indoor - gauge interest  

First practice - set out your expectations to the players. Things you might want to talk about: 

  • equipment - bring your ball, wear your shin guards, bring a water bottle, both jerseys to all games! 
  • fields - leave them the way we found them, pick up everything - your equipment, your trash, etc. 
  • Behavior - you're here to learn and have fun, listen and follow instructions
  • Competitiveness - we are here to compete, this is a contact sport, we want you to work hard and try to win but being aware of your surroundings and the consequences of your actions is an important piece of being a good competitor.
  • Sportsmanship - it's part of the game

League Info:

  • In-house League
    • Regent & Shorewood
    • 6U (Kinde), 7U & 8U teams
  • Alliance League 
    • MU, Shorewood, and Regent
    • 9U & 10U teams
  • MAYSA (Madison Area Youth Soccer Association) Leagues:
    • Select 9U & 10U teams 
    • All 11U-19U teams

League Rule Information

Kinde through 10U Shorewood and Regent teams - Look at the "Game Day Reminders" on this website to see your league rules.

11U and older Regent teams - Look at the MAYSA League rules which can be found HERE - (scroll down the page a bit and you will see tabs labelled: Game Day Rules, Player Rules, Coach Rules etc.)

Have questions? Contact us!

Please fill out our CONTACT FORM to request assistance from Regent staff.