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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association

Training Ideas

6U/7U/8U Training Ideas


At this age, the best practices involve every kid having a ball at their feet and playing with it (without another kid trying to steal it from them).

There are a lot of games you can play that help them get more comfortable "handling a ball with their feet." Things like Simon says, Red Light, Green Light, Follow the Leader etc. 

9U/10U Training Ideas

Watch this video for some training ideas that will help kids improve their dribbling, passing and shooting skills:



Check out the video below!

Spend approximately 20 minutes of your practice on Footskills

Easy Warmups that Focus on Footskills:
  • Use cones to form square "field"
  • Everyone has a ball and is dribbling around in the square
  • Coach calls out instructions and kids have to execute the "move" 
  • Set up flags or cones inside your box and tell them to treat the flag/cone as a defender and "beat it" 
    • I.E. - dribble straight at a cone, then "beat" it with the move
  • Many coaches like to use different code words to make the kids concentrate/think more
    • Colors: blue = cut, red = pull back, etc. -OR-
    • Make a pizza:  pepperoni = cut, green peppers = pull back etc. 
  • Alternatively, use cones to dribble around (i.e. lines)
    • Make it fun and competitive, see if they can beat the clock, beat their own score, or have races!
    • Lots of patterns
      • "S" serpentine in and out of cones - use the cones to encourage a change of speed, use one foot only, use the bottom of your foot to pull the ball to the side of the cone, etc.
      • You can usually have multiple kids running through the cones at a time to keep them focused and avoids them standing around in a line
  • Obstacle Course
    • Be creative - your course should be big enough that 3/4 of the group is on the course at any given time, so that your "line" at the start is quite short