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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association

Summer in the Park with Regent SC

Summer Soccer 2019

Regent SC will be hosting it's annual Summer Soccer Pick Up games at Wingra Park.

PLACE: Wingra park
TIME: u7-10 9-10:15 
             u11-14 10:30-noon
DATES: Sunday mornings. June 23-August 11               
WEAR: soccer appropriate clothing including shin guards  either a dark or light shirt and bring the other
BRING: a soccer ball fully inflated with air and plenty of water. both a dark and a light colored shirt
COST: $5/Sunday. Cash or check to be paid on site to a Regent representative.

One of the best things we can do for the developing player is play pick up/street soccer where multiple age groups play together with out any coaching.  A Regent SC rep will be on sight to help organize if needed (especially for our 10 and under) however it is the intent to allow the players to play and organize themselves.