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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association

Risk Management

Risk Management /SafeSport / Concussion Information

Coaches and managers are required to have a current Risk Management (RM) coach pass through the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA). This is an on-going requirement.

This involves: 

  • A background check which will be run by WYSA and is valid for two (2) years
  • Completion of Concussion Information eTraining Module which is valid for two (2) years
  • Completion of the Safesport eTraining Module which needs to be updated every year.

NOTE - There is a $15 fee for WYSA to run their background check. This is fully refundable from Regent SC. Please submit your receipt and a current street address to Janet McClain at Reimbursement will be sent within 30 business days. The SafeSport fee is fully covered by US Youth Soccer so there will be no charge associated with the SafeSport module. 


If you have tried this process and still have questions, please fill out our CONTACT FORM.


Step 1: Register as a “team staff/volunteer”
  • You will need to log in to Demosphere using your current account information (if you do not have a Demosphere account, you will need to create one)
    **If you are unsure if you have a Demosphere account, please email before creating a new account

  • If you are registering your child for a Regent program, you can register as a volunteer at the same time - in order to receive your Coach Pass, you must upload a current photo of yourself.

  • If you are not registering a child for a Regent program, you will need to log in to Demosphere and click the green “Register” button at the bottom of the page on the “My Account” tab
Step 2: Begin RM Process
  • Once registered as a “team staff/volunteer,” you will receive an email with instructions to log in to Demosphere and begin the Risk Management process. 

  • If you can't find the invitation email, use the link on the right to take you to WYSA (state organization)

Step 3: Player’s Health Authorization
  • After choosing the “Begin Process” option from Step 2, you will be automatically directed to Player’s Health where you will need to authorize Player’s Health to use your Demosphere log in (this ensures that Player’s Health and Demosphere have the same RM records for you).

Step 4: Add a Photo
Step 5: Read & Sign Waivers
Step 6: Background Check/Screening
  • You will be prompted to complete a background check if you are new to Regent, or your previous background screen has expired

  • The application requires submission of full legal name, address, date of birth, and social security number (The background screen cannot be completed without this required information).
    Per the FCRA Disclosure enclosed in these electronic forms, a credit check is not conducted, nor a requirement for coaches/volunteers to participate. 

Step 7: Safety Training Requirements
  • You will be prompted to complete 2 e-training modules

    • Concussion training (will take roughly 10 minutes to complete)

    • SafeSport training (will take roughly 2 hours to complete)

  • Once each training module has been completed, the clickable image/icon will disappear from your PH training dashboard - leaving you with only the modules remaining to be completed.

Step 8: Certificate of Completion
  • After completion of the course, you will be presented with instructions to download your certificate. Regent does not require you to print off your certificate, but if you wish to download it, follow those instructions.

  • Your Player’s Health account will automatically update to a “complete” status, which is all you need to be “Risk Approved” with Regent.








WYSA Demosphere Log In

Use this link to log in to Demosphere through WYSA to complete the RM requirements.

For even more in-depth instructions of this process, see the RM/SAFESPORT INSTRUCTION GUIDE Below

Concussion Information

Click HERE to see information related to Concussions, Youth and Sports.