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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association


Game Cancelations and Reschedules

Please do not can­cel games the day before based upon fore­casts.  If you are curi­ous about field clo­sure, please call the parks depart­ment hot­line,  608.267.8787  If the parks dpt deems the fields unplayable this hot­line will be updated and matches must be resched­uled. Week­days it will be updated by 2pm, week­ends and hol­i­days it will be updated by 8am.  Field con­di­tions will vary based upon the time and place of the game.

For Regent/Shorewood In-House (U6-u8) teams:

The deci­sion is up to the coaches. Resched­ules are by mutual agree­ment between coaches. If there is a con­flict over a field between a resched­uled game and a prac­tice, the game takes precedence.

U6-U8 Coaches should make a deter­mi­na­tion as early as pos­si­ble on the day of the match as to whether or not recent or cur­rent weather con­di­tions war­rant con­sid­er­ing the can­cel­la­tion of a game. This allows both coaches ample oppor­tu­nity to notify all play­ers and parents.


Regent/Shorewood U9/U10 in-house games:

Once the pre­lim­i­nary sched­ule is out, there will be an 7-10 day rec­on­cil­i­a­tion period.  Dur­ing this rec­on­cil­i­a­tion period IT IS UP TO INDIVIDUAL COACHES to check their schedules and with their teams to make cer­tain there are no con­flicts.  IF there is a con­flict and you need to resched­ule a game THE ONLY TIME YOU CAN DO THIS IS DURING THIS PERIOD.  Contact the opposing coach and come to an agreement of time, date and place.  Send the request, using only this form. The request is NOT official until you get confirmation from one of the Alliance club directors or directly from Demosphere.  If there is an Alliance wide match can­cel­la­tion due to the parks dpt clos­ing the fields, teams can resched­ule these matches using ONLY the above procedure.  Following this procedure will ensure field reservation and referee notification.

All matches are expected to be played.  If there are exten­u­at­ing cir­cum­stances where you must can­cel, the oppos­ing coach AND your clubs Direc­tor MUST be noti­fied 24hours before kick off.  This will allow us time to notify our young ref­er­ees that the match has been can­celled.  If you can­cel within 24 hours of the sched­uled kick off, the team can­cel­ing will be expected to pay the young ref­eree the $15.

For MAYSA Teams U11+

MAYSA does not make the deci­sion can­cel games due to weather. Since MAYSA is so wide spread (Dane County and beyond) it is not pos­si­ble to mon­i­tor the con­di­tions of all the fields. MAYSA does make the deci­sion on games at Red­dan Soc­cer Park, which MAYSA may decide to close due to field con­di­tions. MAYSA will notify coaches and man­agers  by e-mail if that hap­pens. Oth­er­wise the deci­sion rests with the field coor­di­na­tor for the home club.

For MAYSA leagues, after 7am on the day of the game, the deci­sion to can­cel a match rests with the referee.

Once the game has started, the deci­sion to stop play rests solely with the ref­eree. If the game is called prior to half time, the game is to be re-played in its entirety. If the game is called at half­time or any point there­after, the game is con­sid­ered a com­plete game and the final score stands.

MAYSA strongly dis­cour­ages any game be can­celled due to antic­i­pated weather conditions.

Please see the Sched­ul­ing Poli­cies page at for details on resched­ul­ing a MAYSA league game. **you will need to click on the GAME DAY RULES Tab, half way down the page.


Thunder/Lightning Reminder: At the field, the decision to stop, suspend or terminate a game lies exclusively with the referee regarding any severe weather conditions. Once a referee suspends the game because of thunder/lightning, all participants are to move away from the fields and into a storm shelter or vehicle. Referees are reminded to keep participants away from the field and not to restart the game until at least 30 minutes following the last detectable thunder or lightning.



 A player may sub for another team within Regent. MAYSA/WYSA rules do not allow for intra club player passing. If the team in need is a tryout team and match play requires a player card, the player subbing for you will need a player card made by MAYSA. Please contact the MAYSA office to acquire this card. 

6.4 Club Pass Policy See WYSA Club Pass Policies approved 4/8/13
A club pass is defined as use of a registered player from one team’s roster for competition with a different team in the same club. The club pass is designated as an intra-club player arrangement and is not intended to be used as an interclub arrangement between two different clubs. 


The coach in need is to contact the players coach, not the family directly. 



Go to 

1. Enter Pin # (9030)
2. Enter the game # (from schedule)
3. Check that the correct game is displayed, then confirm by saying
4. Enter the score for each team, then confirm.

Every age group should report scores, to assist with aligning teams in the most competitive division appropriate for them.  Some scores/standings may not be published online.