1) Always leave the field the way you found it!

  • Pick up trash
  • Collect all equipment
  • If you move the goals, make sure to move them back!
    *PLEASE NOTE - we prefer that you NOT move the goals. If you must move them, you must make sure to put them back when you are finished.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

2) Avoid areas that are showing excessive wear - this is common around the goal mouth

3) Games have priority. If another team is making up a game, and you are there to practice, you should cede the goal to the team that has a game.  You can usually find space in the surrounding area to hold your practice.

4) If two teams are at the same field for practice, work together to share the space equitably!  


This is a snapshot of Regent practices (6U-10U)-

Kinde/6U - 10U fields:
  • Hoyt
  • Lucia Crest
  • Wingra
  • Goodman
  • Vilas
  • Shorewood

Please remember - this information changes fairly often as coaches change their practice plans.  So, if you decide to change your schedule based on what you see here, you must email Regent to inform us and let us update the schedule.  

Click HERE to see the Fall 2022 Practice Fields Schedule - *this is a draft and subject to change - if you have questions about practices, send us a message for the most up-to-date information.

NOTE - this field schedule does NOT show the game schedule