Referees Needed!

The Fall 2021 soccer season saw a severe shortage of referees across the Madison area and the entire state. To address this shortage, we need YOUR help!

More information can be found on our Home page, as well as at (referee courses).


Click here for instructions on how to register to become a 2022 USSF Referee.

If you were a certified referee during 2019, 2020, or 2021 seasons, you can register for the online recertification courses now. All of the recertification course content is in the Learning Center; there is no content in GameOfficials and there is no in-person or virtual component required for 2022 recertification.

Click here for instructions on how to register for 2022 USSF Referee recertification courses.

USSF Soccer Laws of the game

This is a link that will take you to the US Soccer information on Laws of the Game for soccer as well as futsal and beach soccer!


Referees are assigned by a "Referee Assignor"

Once a League schedule is created, the schedule is sent to a Referee assignor. The assignor will assign referees to each game and make sure that they know all of the details as to time and location. 

The only thing a team needs to do:
  • Look at your schedule and go to your assigned game at the correct time and location.
  • If there is a referee assigned to your game, they will be there.
  • We are still having trouble getting referees for all of our games. If there is no referee, talk to your opposing coach and agree on how you want to handle the game. You can recruit a parent volunteer, or each of you can referee half of the game, for example.  
Referees "check in" the team before the game
  • This involves making sure your players have the proper equipment like shin guards, aren't wearing jewelry, etc. 
  • Your team should be on the field and ready to check in at least 15 minutes before the game time.

The referee is in charge of substitutions. There is a protocol that you and your team should follow: 

  • When you want to make a sub, you should tell the player what position they're going in at (and who they are subbing for). 
  • They should then stand at the center line.
  • When the referee sees a player standing there, then they know that you are waiting for the next time there a break in play where you are permitted to sub. 
  • If a referee hasn't noticed your players are queued up to sub in, then you can call out referee substitution to get their attention (i.e., at your throw-in, a goal kick or re-start after a goal) 
Respect your Referees!

Referees have to practice in order to become good at what they do - just like soccer players practice to become better! 

It is important for you, as a coach or as a parent, to respect your referees.  Think of this as part of your role in teaching your players good sportsmanship!

  • Do NOT yell at them or second guess their calls.
  • Do NOT confront them after the game to tell them what you think they need to work on
Paying the Referee

It is the HOME team's responsibility to pay the referee the fee.
The entire fee should be paid before the game.


These are the referee fees for the Alliance League and the MAYSA Leagues in which all Regent teams are currently playing in.
The Alliance League will typically only have a Center Ref for its games.

Age Group      Center Ref          Asst Refs     
        9U-10U Alliance          $25 N/A
          9U - 10U MAYSA          $22 $16 each
11U - 12U $34 $24 each
13U -14U  $46 $34 each 
15U-16U $58 $42 each
17U+ $68 $48 each