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  6U (Kinde) 7U-8U 9U-10U 11U-12U 13U-14U 15U-16U 17U-19U
Game Times 3x 10 min periods

7U - 3x 12 min periods

2x 25 min halves 2x 30 min halves 2x 35 min halves 2x 40 min halves 2x 45 min halves
8U & 7U/8U - 3x 15 min periods
Game Format  3V3 (no goalies) 4V4 (no goalies) 7V7 9V9 11V11
Roster Size ~6 ~8 14 max 16 max 22 max - 18 can "suit up"
Ball Size 3 4 5
Field Size L: 25-35y long x W: 15-25y L: 55-65y x W: 35-45y L: 70-80y x W: 45-55y L: 100-120y x W: 60-80y
Goal Size 4’ X 6’  6' X 18' 7’ x 21’ 8' x 24'
Field Setup

Coaches should be on one side of the field with their team.

All spectators should be on the opposite side of the field.
We discourage spectators from standing behind the goals during play.

Throw-ins Yes OR kick-ins ok for 6U & 7U (coaches should agree beforehand which method they'll use) Yes
Goal & Corner Kicks Yes
Offsides No Yes* offsides line for 9/10 is the "build out line"
Build Out Line No Yes No
Punting No Yes
Heading No No* Yes
Referee No referee - parent volunteer or coaches manage the  game Yes

6U & 7U: Players should only sub during a break in play (i.e., not on the fly)

8U: Players should line up at the half-line of the field.
9U +: Referees will call players in the next time a team is eligible to make a substitution.
Teams can sub at their own throw-in, either teams' goal kick or before a kickoff (i.e., after a goal is scored).

Game Cancellations Please see our Policy page for details - link coming soon!
Score Reporting**

Yes - Google form

Yes - PhoneItIn

PIN: 9536

Yes - PhoneItIn

PIN: 9030

*Players can start heading at 12U - see US Youth Soccer's website for more information 
**See Score Reporting tab for instructions