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  6U (Kinde) 7U-8U 9U-10U 11U-12U 13U-14U 15U-16U 17U-19U
Game Times 3x 10 min periods

7U - 3x 12 min periods

2x 25 min halves 2x 30 min halves 2x 35 min halves 2x 40 min halves 2x 45 min halves
8U - 3x 15 min periods
Game Format  3V3 (no goalies) 4V4 (no goalies) 7V7 9V9 11V11
Roster Size ~6 ~8 14 max 16 max 22 max - 18 can "suit up"
Ball Size 3 4 5
Field Size L: 25-35y long x W: 15-25y L: 55-65y x W: 35-45y L: 70-80y x W: 45-55y L: 100-120y x W: 60-80y
Goal Size 4’ X 6’  6' X 18' 7’ x 21’ 8' x 24'
Offsides No Yes
Punting No Yes
Heading No No* Yes
Referee No - coaches keep game moving Yes
Uniforms It's the HOME team's responsibility to change when playing a team of the same color (i.e. Regent vs Regent - home team changes to white, away team stays blue)
Game Cancellations Please see our Policy and Procedures page for details
Score Reporting**

Yes - Google form

Yes - PhoneItIn

PIN: 9536

Yes - PhoneItIn

PIN: 9030

*Players can start heading at 12U - see US Youth Soccer's website for more information 
**See Score Reporting tab for instructions