Referee Opportunities

Grassroots "New" Referee Courses are Open

Registration for New Referees is now available!

A New Referee is someone who has not previously been registered as a Referee OR is a previous referee whose registration has lapsed (2020 or prior). Candidates successfully completing the course will be eligible to referee games in spring, summer and fall 2023 (license expiring 12/31/23).

Grassroots Referee courses for New Referees require a combination of independent learning and in-person instruction. The independent learning starts in the U.S. Soccer Learning Center, is followed by a WisRef live session (either Classroom/On-Field or Virtual). Total instruction time is estimated at 12 hours, with the final four hours being the live session. The independent learning content can be completed at your own pace.

Per the steps in the link below, the Referee candidate must complete steps 1. through 4.  prior to requesting a Field or Virtual date or slot.
**please refer to the
 Learning Center for most up-to-date dates and times

  • Total cost of the course is $70
  • If 18+, additional $30 for background check (for a 2-yr period)

New and lapsed Referee candidates who successfully complete all the requirements will receive a full reimbursement of their registration fee and background check fee.

NOTE: U.S. Soccer Policy mandates a minimum age of 13 to start the certification – there are no exceptions or waivers to this U.S. Soccer Policy.

To register to become a 2023 USSF Referee please follow these steps.

Recertification information will be available at a later date.