Player passing or Club passing refers to the ability of a team to "borrow" a player from another team within the same Club. The player must be a legal player in the league in order to be allowed. For example, a 10U player cannot club pass with a 9U team.

Player passing is permitted for all Regent teams in all Leagues. 

In addition, teams in some divisions require rosters where the player has had their birthdate verified (i.e., Regent Blue teams).  If Blue team wants to club pass a Gold player, then that player must have complied with this requirement. 

► Club passing should be utilized to make sure you can field a team (i.e., when you are short players) OR to give an opportunity to a player to grow their game.  It should not be used to strengthen your team because you are playing a stronger opponent! 

► Club passing is different from Guest passing. Guest passing refers to when a team borrows a player from a different club. Guest passing is only allowed in certain instances (mostly in tournament settings)

► Protocol - when a coach wants to club pass a player, they should contact the coach of the other team before they contact the player.  

  • MAYSA Rules related to Club passing and Guest passing can be found HERE (under Player Rules tab)