What is it & How is it used in 9U/10U games?

The Build Out Line is used to encourage teams to play the ball out of the back in an un-pressured setting. It is used whenever the Keeper has the ball in their hands or when the ball has gone out of bounds and there is a goal kick.

When the goalkeeper has the ball in their hands OR there is a goal kick, the attaching team must move behind the buildout line. The Keeper may release the ball at any time in which case the play resumes as normal. However, if the Keeper chooses to wait to distribute the ball, the attacking team must move behind the buildout line.

► No Punting. The goalkeeper can pass, throw or roll the ball to a teammate.  They cannot punt the ball as this would defeat the purpose of the buildout line and reduce the opportunity to play out of the back in an un-pressured setting.  If the keeper punts the ball, an indirect kick is awarded to the attacking team (from the point of offense). 

► The ball is in play once it is released or kicked. The attacking team can step to pressure only after the GK releases the ball (i.e., rolls, throws, or kicks the ball). If the ball is put into play via goal kick, it is in play when the ball is kicked and clearly moves.

Regent strongly encourages you to watch these videos. They are short and very helpful to ensure you understand how the Build Out line works.

  • HERE is a video presentation that shows how the build out line is set up on the field and gives you information how it works  
  • HERE is a video presentation that shows how the buildout line works in offsides calls
  • HERE is a video that shows the buildout line in action